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Opening packages and plant acclimation

First, thank you for your purchase. We clean and review all plants during the fulfillment process to ensure the plant is healthy. Secondly, we wish you much happiness with your plant(s) and recommend the following approach when opening the package:

  • Open the side of the box where the UPS label faces you. *It is recommended to cut the side of the box using box cutters if it is a large home depot box.
  • Packages are filled with biodegradable peanuts.
  • All plants are wired to the box towards the bottom and back of the box. Heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters should be used to snip the wire.
  • Plants are placed in sleeves with the pot bagged and wrapped in tape. This secures rootball, prevents leaks, and retains some moisture during the trip.
  • Carefully remove the plant from the sleeve and use scissors to cut the tape. You may unwind the wire around the base of the stem by hand or snip as well.
  • Dispose the plastic bag and remove the moss.
  • Place in a bright location with indirect sunlight. Away from a/c vents and heaters.
  • Ensure humidity is present and misting of the leaves in the morning or afternoon is beneficial.
  • Do not water throughly until the top soil is dry.
  • Enjoy.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.