Caring for your bonsai

Our interest is to help fulfill your desire of owing and keeping a unique bonsai tree for many years. All bonsais available at Dade Plant Co. are living trees that will do best outdoors. It is common practice to display a bonsai indoors for significant moments or just simple enjoyment. The following are tips to help ensure long term success:

  • Everyone has a different environment which has its own micro-climate. This means that some gardens are cooler or hotter, may have full, partial or no sun, and be drier or wetter. Being aware of these conditions will direct your approach to maintaining and displaying your bonsais.
  • Bonsais need air circulation, light, nutrients, and water to live.
  • Watering is a critical task since bonsai pots hold water longer than regular planters. Thus, the use of inorganic and coarse substrate. This type of soil enhances air circulation and root growth, while preventing over watering. Pick up the bonsai when debating if to water, since it wil be lighter when dry and heavier when wet. Also, be aware that alot of wind may cause a tree to dry out sooner. If the leaves wilt, then it needs water. Lastly, just because it rains it does not mean the bonsai has been adequately watered.
  • Fertilizing is important for bonsais to grow. However, applying to much fertilizer or at the wrong time may have adverse effects. Always review package instructions and the size of the pot for proper application.
  • No two trees are alike. Your approach to bonsais may require slight variations based on the type of tree, age, style, developmental stage and substrate.
  • Pests happen. Be on the lookout for abnormal, curled, or eaten leaves. Also, look at the bark for bumps, white webbing or black soot. These are indications of pests. The timing and consistency of treating the infestation will determine the extent of damage. Do not over use pesticides and be advised that healthy trees are resilient.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us:

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