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5"  Hoya pubicalyx Splash - Dade Plant Co

5" Hoya pubicalyx Splash

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This plant is a beautiful Hoya variety with spear-shaped leaves that gets its name from its creamy, spackled appearance. 

Hoya publicalyx splashes are epiphytes, meaning they vine and grow on other trees in it's natural environment so they thrive best when provided a trellis to climb. 

 It can tolerate some morning or evening light but avoid hot midday sun or the leaves will burn.

We recommend keeping your Hoya's on the drier side. Water well, allowing excess to drain thoroughly. Waterlogged soil will likely lead to root rot and yellowing leaves. Never allow the plant's roots or leaves to sit in standing water. Like most Hoya's, this species produces flowers in small bundles - these Hoyas are known for their unique, dark pink and white flowers that give off a strong, sweet odor.