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4" HB Hoya Caudata Sumatra

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Hoya Caudata Sumatra, or Hoya Caudata, is a vining epiphyte that was discovered in 1883 by Thomas Hoya. This rare wax plant variety produces green-red-tinged foliage covered in a waxy layer and silver speckles. It produces beautiful creamy to pink vanilla-scented 'furry' blooms.

This tropical and terrestrial plant is native to southern Thailand, Singapore, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, and Borneo, where it thrives on stream beds and rocks. The word Caudata in the plant name implies ‘having a tail or caudate.’ 

Hoya Caudata prefers bright indirect light. Brighter light will result in better foliage color but avoid direct sun, which may burn the foliage. We recommend allowing the soil to dry out between waterings completely and avoiding water standing on leaves.